Digital Art and Media

​​With 20 years in the Audio and Video industry, we are excited to provide you with any of your Modeling and Freelance Photography or Music Production, Video production,  Graphic Designs.
At I5 Media , we value our clients and will always strive to offer the best service and value for high definition video and media production services. Our company is highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of production, and our team of producers, camera operators, and video editors do a magnificent job on every project. We are always available to talk, so please give us a call or send us an email with any questions. 

​Corporate videos are vital to any business that needs to deliver a message. , we will help you deliver that message to your clients, potential clients, customers, employees, prospects and supporters in a powerful, memorable way. Our corporate video production starts with an initial meeting where we discuss your goals, then develop a production strategy that allows us to capture the right messaging to create the perfect video for you. There are many different production approaches to consider as you figure out the right way to deliver your companies message…..from an interview driven piece to a narrated video, a footage and graphics piece to a hosted video with the script delivered by someone reading from a teleprompter. We can accommodate all your corporate video needs.

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